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Parking at Stechelberg

Parking rates for the Schilthorn Cableway Carpark, Stechelberg

Short stays

To enter the car park, open the barrier by taking a ticket at the ticket machine. Payment must be made before driving out of the car park by inserting the ticket at the automatic payment machine (next to the Schilthorn Cableway ticket office in Stechelberg) and paying the amount shown in cash or by credit card. Reinsert the paid ticket at the exit ticket machine to open the barrier.

The following rates apply:

Regular rate:
up to 60 minutesfree of charge
60 min. - 2 hoursCHF 4.00
02 – 04 hoursCHF 6.00
04 – 08 hoursCHF 7.00
08 – 12 hoursCHF 8.00
12 – 24 hours/1 dayCHF 10.00
24 – 36 hours CHF 14.00
36 – 48 hours/2 daysCHF 18.00
48 – 60 hoursCHF 21.00
3 daysCHF 24.00
4 daysCHF 30.00
5 daysCHF 36.00
6 daysCHF 42.00
7 daysCHF 48.00
8 daysCHF 52.00
9 daysCHF 56.00
10 daysCHF 60.00
11 daysCHF 64.00
12 daysCHF 68.00
13 daysCHF 72.00
14 daysCHF 76.00
15 daysCHF 78.00
16-30 daysCHF 80.00
Motorists cannot drive out of the car park without payment of the incurred charge. Each reentry requires a new ticket.

Holiday guests

We recommend that holiday guests purchase a 7, 14 or 30 day pre-paid ticket. Take a ticket on entering the car park, go to the automatic payment machine, select the pre-paid option and pay CHF 40, CHF 65 or CHF 80. The ticket is then validated to allow unrestricted exit and access to the car park for a period of 7, 14 or 30 days respectively. The ticket must be inserted into the exit ticket machine and is automatically re-issued each time the holder exits the car park.

Please note:

Balance-, annual and pre-paid tickets must be inserted into the machine on
entry and exit. Do not take a new ticket.

Regular visitors to Gimmelwald, Mürren and the Schilthorn

The visitor can present the ticket issued at the car park entrance at the Schilthorn Cableway ticket office (not the automatic payment machine) and purchase one of the following prepaid parking cards:

Prepaid card worth CHF 100.00 for CHF 90.00 (10 % discount)
Prepaid card worth CHF 50.00 for CHF 45.00 (10 % discount)

The ticket issued at the entrance is cancelled and the entrance time noted on the prepaid card. The visitor can later drive directly to the exit barrier and insert the card. The accrued parking fee at the official rate is automatically debited from the card value. The visitor removes the card. The remaining card balance is shown in fluorescent figures at the next entry into the car park. The cardholder thus receives a 10 % discount on the official rate.
For the winter season you can buy a season Card (01th Nov - 30th April) for CHF 350.- at the counter in Stechelberg.

Local residents, employees and year-round visitors to Gimmelwald / Mürren

Annual parking ticket CHF costs 640.00
An annual parking ticket can be purchased for CHF 640.00. This card allows unlimited access to the car park.

Please note:

As a general rule, year-round parkers are issued with only one annual ticket. A second ticket is available on request for an administration charge of CHF 10.00. If a holder has more than one ticket, both will contain the same code and the system will only allow car park access to one vehicle at a time.

Tenants of garages and covered parking spaces

Tenants of garages and covered parking spaces automatically receive an annual parking ticket. This is included in the rental fee. They may also request a second ticket for an administration charge of CHF 10.00. This ticket also only allows car park access to one vehicle at a time.


Schilthorn Cableway Ltd. is not liable for theft or other third-party damage to vehicles.

Please note:

If you have any problems, please contact us over the intercom system or speak to a member of staff at the Stechelberg ticket office.