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Skyline Walk

The SKYLINE WALK opens up new perspectives.
This platform is situated over a vertical precipice, offering stunning and exhilarating panoramic views!
The SKYLINE WALK platform is an extension of the existing Birg Terrace. The mainly steel and glass structure has a steel grillage walkway, and its angular shape connects seamlessly with the exposed Birg Station and the irregular cliff formations of the surrounding landscape.

Its transparent nature allows the SKYLINE WALK to award unimpeded sights of the entire mountain panorama as well as heady views into the depths.
The Birg Terrace is also undergoing renovation and is fitted with a wind protection screen. These measures continue the focus on enhancing the attractiveness of the Birg Station and the Bistro Birg, which was given a new, fresh and modern design prior to the 2011/2012 winter season.

Pictures of the constructions work